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Winner Experience Recap: Get Hardwired With Metallica In Copenhagen

April 19th, 2019

This past year a catastrophic hurricane hit Haiti, changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people forever.

In an effort to raise funds and provide relief to the victims, Propeller partnered with Music for Relief to create the Hurricane Matthew Response campaign.

As a thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign we offered an experience to Get Hardwired With Metallica In Copenhagen, which included an all-expense paid trip to meet Metallica in Copenhagen, Denmark and see their show at the Royal Arena.

We spoke with winner Katie LaCross of Oakdale, CT to get all the behind the scenes details on what the experience was like. Check it out below. 


Propeller: What were some of the things you did in Copenhagen?

Katie LaCross: Copenhagen was amazing. The Copenhagan Plaza Hotel we stayed in was very nice and the location was perfect. The train station was right across the street which made it easy to sight see! We took a boat tour around the main parts of Copenhagen and saw many of the landmarks including the famous little mermaid statue.

Propeller: How was meeting Metallica in person? What were they like?

Katie LaCross: Metallica was amazing. We met Lars and Robert who were both very friendly and fun to talk to. The group photo was awesome, we briefly got to meet the other members of the band as well, James and Kirk.

Propeller: Have you always been a fan of Metallica?

Kate LaCross: I have been a fan of Metallica for over 30 years. In fact, the first show I saw of theirs was over 30 years ago. I still have photographs that I took at that first show and I was able to have one signed by Lars, which was really amazing.

Propeller: Did the show in Copenhagen live up to your expectations?

Katie LaCross: The show in the new Royal Arena was kick-ass!!! I was impressed with the 360 stage set-up, it was really cool for fans to experience everything. Aside from looking a little older, the band was just as amazing as I remember.

Propeller: What was the Memory Remains exhibit like? What stood out to you?

Katie LaCross: The Memory Remains exhibit is wicked! Being able to actually sit at Lars' drumset and hold Kirk's guitars was really amazing. I also enjoyed how excited some of the other fans were; they were like kids on Christmas morning! The staff in the room were very friendly and fun; I had one of the waiters actually spoon feed me pudding!

Propeller: Why was this cause in particular important to you?

Katie LaCross: The Music for Relief cause is really amazing, because it provides an opportunity for everyone to give back. Helping others who have suffered enormous tragedy is a great feeling. I also donated to several other causes that I believe are very important to me.

Propeller: What was the most memorable part of this experience overall for you?

Katie LaCross: I am a HUGE fan of Carlsberg beer now. It is amazing.

I would have to say this trip was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Meeting the members of the band was very surreal. Lars is now my favorite; he has a great personality. I don't think I would have ever visited this part of the world had it not been for Metallica and Propeller and for that I am very grateful. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and I will plan on going back sometime in the summer so that I can see all the things that I missed.


Learn more about Music for Relief by visiting their profile on Propeller. Thanks to everyone who participated.