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Psychedelics and Music Interview: 6LACK & QUIN

September 4th, 2023

Rapper 6LACK and singer QUIN have a love story for the ages, infused with plant medicine journeys, creative collaborations, and a foundation of deep friendship. Many came to know them as a couple after their hit song "Mushroom Chocolate," but, for years before that, they were just pen pals. Since then, the Atlanta rapper and California singer have traveled the world—and psychedelic dimensions together. 

This interview is a part of DoubleBlind's Medicine Music series, in partnership with PORTAL (, a psychedelic advocacy project started by Propeller.

In this series, we explore the relationship between plant medicines, creativity, personal growth, and mysticism with our favorite artists. @brandonboydofficial of @incubusTV and @melissaetheridge were our past two guests. Subscribe to Doubleblind's Youtube channel for more conversations in the coming months.