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Winner Recap: Meet Waterparks as a VIP in LA

June 24th, 2023

Mia S. from Missouri was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Meet Waterparks as a VIP in LA" that took place in June 2023. Below are some of Mia's highlights from the experience.

I had the best time!! It was seriously all perfect and I'm so grateful for the experience.

Me and my sister (who I brought as my guest) have been huge Waterparks fans since 2017 so this was perfect. We had really been wanting to go to this show because it was the very last night of their US tour and we wanted to be there for closing night, but definitely wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. 

We got to LA the morning before the day of the concert so we were able to explore town a little bit, get food, and say hi to our friends that were also in town for the show.

The next day we lined up super early because we wanted to be first in line so we could get front row (we did!) and the weather was perfect for waiting in line.

I had actually told the band the last time I saw them that I had won the contest and they thought it was super cool. In our picture, Awsten said our pose for the picture was "this is what a winner looks like" LOL, which I thought was fitting. They're literally the sweetest people ever and I'm so happy I got to talk to them again. Waterparks is an insanely talented band and they really make every show special and a new experience, so of course the concert was amazing, and we had the best time. 

Thank you guys again for everything!

- Mia S.