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Winner recap: Win a Trip To See Bruce Springsteen in NJ & a Signed Fender Guitar!

April 26th, 2023

Elena H. from Washington was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win a Trip To See Bruce Springsteen in NJ & a Signed Fender Guitar!" that took place in April 2023. Below are some of Elena's highlights from the experience.

From touchdown to takeoff, we had 42 hours to make the absolute most of Newark, Jersey City, and NYC. 

After checking into our hotel—with a view of the NYC skyline, we headed into Manhattan. First stop: iced coffee from Dunkin—it was 90 degrees! Second stop: tacos on the upper west side with family. 

The next morning we headed to Central Park to soak up the sun and then hit up Shake Shack for milkshakes because once again it was 90 degrees. 

Later that afternoon, we journeyed to the Prudential Center where every street was overflowing with Boss fans and got in the VIP line to pick up our tickets. We were escorted through the backstage area and directed to our seats that were nothing short of outstanding. The show was three hours of pure joy. It's hard to put into words just how legendary this band is. 

Saturday morning, we said a grateful goodbye to our whirlwind adventure and headed back to real life. (However, real life will one day soon include a signed guitar. So it's a slightly better version of real life.)

- Elena H.