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Winner Recap: Win a VIP Trip to BUKU 2022

April 15th, 2022

Zachary won a VIP trip to BUKU 2022 in New Orleans by taking action on Propeller. 

After the experience, we caught up with him to see how it went. This is his story...

My BUKU x Propeller 2022 Experience

Where to start, where to start. Well let's start by how I found propeller and upbeat academy. I was on IG and I stumbled across the Upbeat Academy page. I was very in awe and appreciation that Upbeat Academy is an organization that provides a safe place for children to express themselves and tap in to their inner creative. Now coming from a music producer/DJ and visual artist, growing up I never had an organization that offered what Upbeat does. It really warmed my heart and that's when I found a non-profit that I can get behind and support. I then followed the landing page from Upbeat and it brought me to Propeller! Once on y'all's platform I was blown away with what y'all are doing, and giving these non-profits a platform to spread the message and help anything and everything is planet has to offer. From propeller I found Upbeat Academy's page. Once on there page, I donated $200 directly to Upbeat academy, little did I know it enrolled me in the BUKU 2022 contest. Once I donated and got the points, I used all of mine to submit entries. I also found two other organizations which I donate monthly to as well as Upbeat Academy, those are One Tree Planted and Portal! I donated small amounts to both and I even redeemed points to plant my own Tree in the Amazon!

Then I remember receiving the email that the contest was over and the drawing would happen soon! I was sleeping on the couch when I woke up to a phone call, it was from Hannah at Propeller. She told me that I was the grand prize winner! I was in shock and awe because my whole life I have always given so much and when I have entered something like this in the past never have won, so to win this competition because of being a good person, really set in for me that me going above and beyond for others does pay off if you don't stray from that path of helping with no return of praise or admiration.

Then before I knew it, I was in New Orleans with my girlfriend and two best friends! I got to experience an amazing festival and it was my first ever BUKU! The whole experience from start to finish was amazing, the BUKU staff were so helpful and never hesitated to assist any of my questions or concerns and they were genuine good people working the event! I also got the opportunity to introduce myself and meet the Director of Upbeat Academy! It was amazing to meet and introduce one another and see what they do come to light. It really made my tear up when I saw the children that were apart of the program running around from art expo to art expo, dancing and seeing their favorite artists and just being free to express their individuality and creativity openly without ridicule. It was truly amazing to see the organization and see the fruits of their labor, manifest in the form of laughs and smiles of the generation coming up.

I would like to personally Thank each and every person who made sure my experience was a to b and smooth. I appreciate the whole team at Propeller and BUKU! I look forward to continuing my contributions to Upbeat Academy and with the help of propeller, other social justice and non-profit platforms that align with my core values and beliefs. I appreciate each and every single person that made this possible! I am forever grateful and now a little BUKU!

Zachary C.