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Winner Recap: Discover Wonderfront Music and Arts Festival as a VIP in San Diego

November 22nd, 2019

Matthew from NY won a trip to San Diego for Waterfront Festival. After his weekend, we caught up with him to hear all about the experience.

Propeller: How did you find out about Propeller and what type of actions did you complete to earn points towards winning this experience?

MATTHEW: I found out about Propeller through an ad for winning an awesome experience sometime over a year ago. I loved the idea of donating to great causes and having the chance of winning priceless experiences. My grandfather taught me from when I was young, if you could do good for others and expect nothing in return, you are blessed. I was even more excited about Propeller after the collaboration with "Give Surreal", a similar organization. I actually had won a music festival experience with them early last year. While I sign a lot of petitions and donate to various foundations and causes, my favorite action was donating to building a music studio program in a school a few months ago. I enjoy making music in my spare time and wish these resources were available to me growing up. I won this experience by donating as much spare money I had week to week to the hosting foundation/cause.

Propeller: What was the highlight of your time at Wonderfront Festival?

MATTHEW: I am not sure if I can really pin point a specific highlight of the festival. I have been to 5+ music festivals this year, but none were as unique as Wonderfront. To start, we had perfect weather that weekend. Our hotel was directly across the street from one of the smaller of 7+ stages so we opted for balcony seated breakfast at our hotel day 1. We got to hear sound checks and get a glimpse of what was to come that day. The rest of the day was more getting familiar with the festival grounds, art installations, interactive experiences and our moving to our 1,2 step!

The stages were situated within 5-10 minute walking distance of each other so getting to and from our favorite artists was simple and we were allowed to scoot around in pay as you go electric scooters (try that after a few beers, PURE ADRENALINE RUSH FUN!). We enjoyed complimentary bayside Yoga and breakfast on a Yacht, unlimited Food and alcoholic beverages at various VIP areas, WE WERE FULLY VESTED AND SOLD! From there on it was history, we had the best experience of our lives! We took two boat rides inbetween stages, made new friends and discovered new talent.

I loved the look on my my fiancés face while she was on Main Stage and got to hug one of the performers, "Tyga". At another stage we felt right at home even in the West Coast as we one of the artists gave us a stage shout out for being from Brooklyn, New York. The artist mentioned that he was influenced by our musical history and the Brooklyn culture and had to shout us out.

There are so many heartfelt memories that come to mind. Thank You so much for this Experience!


Propeller: What was your favorite performance and why?

MATTHEW: My fiancé and I ventured out and saw as many performances as we could. We even cut time with some of our favorite artists to discover new talent. I was impressed by the many different sounds, but R&B is my go-to happy music genre, I sing and play R&B on piano daily.

By default I want to say Miguel was my favorite performer. His voice is one to none, his stage face and attitude is just as I had envisioned while listening to his music.

Propeller: Which was your favorite part of your time in San Diego?

MATTHEW: I visited California earlier this year on a Skydiving venture of my own, I loved San Fransisco and didn't think that any other place in California could top it. I was wrong! San Diego is something else! I fell in love with the beautiful scenery, the weather, the residents and more. San Diego held such a laid back vibe. From the people we met at the festival, restaurants, uber drivers etc. I found everything to be very affordable and better than expected. Coming from the heart of NYC, we are not use to such hospitality, value for our time and money or the breathtaking sky-high palm tree lined streets, overlooking the breezy harbor scapes.

Propeller: Which non-profits at Propeller are most important to you and why?

MATTHEW: I committed to a monthly donation to Alzheimers Association. It hits close to home with my grandfather being diagnosed. Every so often I commit to random causes. I usually support the cause or foundation that is hosting the experience I would hope to win, its only right in my opinion.

Propeller: Is there anything we could do to improve the experience?

MATTHEW: As mentioned before, I give without expecting. I am blessed and am very grateful for the experience extended to me. I love what Propeller does and wish I could do the same!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the campaign!